March 21, 2017

It's so simple to calculate the return on your time (or money) with this simple tool! Is couponing worth it? Is it worth it to hire something out? Is it worth your money to use a grocery delivery or picking service? LOVE this post and calculator!
Changing Your Money Mindset

Balancing Saving Money and Saving Time

Have you ever done something to save money, just to wonder whether it was worth all the time you spent after all? Or on a similar note, have you spent a significant amount of money to save you some of your own time and then debated whether

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I’m Kathryn Hanna-wife, mother of 3 and a Certified Public Accountant. I love to budget (really, I do!) , build spreadsheets and spend money on travel, sewing supplies and good chocolate.


diy fianancial checklist


Easy-to-customize spreadsheets to improve your entire financial life from budgeting to tax and retirement planning.