about me


I'm Kathryn Hanna, CPA/PFS, CFP®

I believe that money can help you to create a life you love.

I believe that money can provide freedom, security, and peace of mind in your life.

I believe that money, in a way, can directly increase your level of happiness.

If you’re looking to improve your money mindset, organize your finances, and create a complete financial plan to reach all of your audacious goals then you’re in the right place.

But we’re not just talking and learning about money. Instead, I want to empower you with the TOOLS and ACCOUNTABILITY you need to take action to improve your financial life. Together, we will navigate the ins and outs of budgeting, debt management, tax planning, investing, retirement planning, and more. 

Gaining knowledge about personal finance is extremely valuable, but the implementation of that knowledge and the resulting mindset is what will truly lead you to a life of abundance and fulfillment.

my financial journey

Growing up in rural Colorado, my family lived faithfully by the rule familiar to those without a lot of financial means: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Despite our resourcefulness, we often went without many things.

I remember being mesmerized by a picture of the Taj Mahal as a child. It seemed impossible to imagine ever visiting such an incredible place given my circumstances.

I dreamed of a life where I didn’t have to meticulously add up groceries while putting them in the cart, where I could comfortably turn up the thermostat in my home in the winter, and where a broken washing machine wasn’t a financial crisis.

Fast forward 15 years. I’ve had the privilege of not only seeing the Taj Mahal, but also many other breathtaking places I never thought possible. These experiences have changed me and taught me so many life lessons.

Life has truly brought me so much more than I ever imagined (both the amazingly good and the devastatingly difficult). At the intersection of life experiences and money, I’ve learned:

  • That money doesn’t buy happiness, but money can decrease unhappiness
  • That the most important things in life are family, relationships, and your health. You can’t buy any of these things, but money can positively impact all of them. 
  • That perspective is everything. In many of the third world countries we visited, people were content with somewhere to sleep, and safety. It wasn’t a lot, but many of them had seen worse times and were simply grateful to live in peace with their families. There is power and peace in gratitude and understanding the concept of “enough.”

Money has afforded me the ability to chase my dreams, build my business, and leave a toxic 2-decade long relationship. I’ve built up my net worth, but even more importantly, I’ve created a life of meaning and purpose, replacing money stress with financial freedom and the ability to give back to others.

I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned about all things money here since 2016 and invite you to join me on this transformative journey toward financial confidence and clarity.

thanks for joining me!