Creating a Financial Plan


The Power of a Spending Plan to Maximize Your Life

I’m convinced that everyone has a budget, even if they don’t consciously recognize it as such. From the solid anti-budgeter to the simply agnostic to the hardcore money nerd, we all have ways of managing future spending. Maybe you simply add and subtract from your bank balances

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Do you really have your money covered? Or, do you simply have an investment plan? Knowing that you're covered in all areas of money provides freedom and peace of mind!
Creating a Financial Plan

You Need a Financial Plan, Not Just an Investment Plan

Today I’m guest posting over at Mustard Seed Money. I’ve included a brief snippet below, but please click over to read the whole post!   Have you ever seen an absolutely amazing looking dessert that you just couldn’t wait to try but then was super disappointed when

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I’m Kathryn Hanna and I love to budget (really, I do!), build spreadsheets, and spend money on travel, sewing supplies & good chocolate.


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