Creating a Financial Plan

Creating a Financial Plan

The Car Analogy for Investing: Your Financial Road Trip

I remember when I first decided to learn about investing. I thought it would be super complicated and advanced, and I’d need another master’s degree just to figure it out. After all, most of what we see on the news is investment charts, daily stock changes, and

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Income Taxes

A Complete Guide to Figuring Out Your Withholding & Form W-4

Surprises can be fun. I mean, full disclosure—I’m a typical type A personality, so they’re certainly not my thing. But I even enjoy a surprise party (for someone else, ha!), a good movie plot twist, or unexpectedly good news out of the blue. April tax surprises, on

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Adjusting Your View Of Money

Spending Money to Maximize Life (Without Sacrificing Retirement)

In mainstream financial planning, all roads lead to one ultimate destination: retirement. The word retirement invokes a picture of a gray-haired couple relaxing on the beach or (even worse) on rocking chairs on the front porch. Indeed, if you look at the websites of financial planners who

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The Power of a Spending Plan to Maximize Your Life

I’m convinced that everyone has a budget, even if they don’t consciously recognize it as such. From the solid anti-budgeter to the simply agnostic to the hardcore money nerd, we all have ways of managing future spending. Maybe you simply add and subtract from your bank balances

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I’m Kathryn Hanna and I love to budget (really, I do!), build spreadsheets, and spend money on travel, sewing supplies & good chocolate.


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