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Cash flow is the foundation of a solid financial plan. Understanding your income, expenses and current savings habits helps you to align your financial life with your true priorities. From projecting your income taxes to developing a realistic retirement budget that allows you to determine how much you’ll need to put away for those golden years, it’s essential that you track your cash flow.

Here are a few recommended methods:


YNAB: If you’re looking to make a plan for every dollar that comes in and be as intentional with your money as possible, YNAB (short for You Need a Budget) is for you. YNAB makes it easy to link your bank accounts and track not only what you’ve already spent, but plan for the future.

Cost: YNAB is currently $98.99/year (with a free 34-day trial)


Tiller Money: If you love Excel spreadsheets for tracking your money (um, if you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be here right?), you’ll want to check out Tiller. I find it best for those that aren’t as focused on budgeting, but want to track their cash flow as efficiently as possible. The Bundle links directly with the Tiller add-on to make it a complete all-in-one resource for tracking cash flow AND pulls in your account balances as well.

Cost: Tiller is $79/year (with a free 30-day trial)

Mint/Personal Capital/Other: If you already use Mint or Personal Capital to track your finances and want to stick with a free software, you can keep it simple and continue using one of those. Because these aren’t as customizable as some other solutions, you may just need to “map” categories to the workbook, but it’s a one-time set up.

Cost: Free


Manual Tracking: If you simply prefer to manually track income & expenses, you can do that directly in this workbook as well. There is a transaction sheet that you can use to manually enter your inflows and outflows, or copy and paste them from CSV files downloaded from your banking institutions.

Cost: Free

Note: I do not have a financial relationship with any of these companies in any way, I’m just happy to share the ones that I use and love!



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