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YNAB Tutorial Part V: Ways I Use YNAB to Organize and Simplify

I absolutely love how customizable YNAB is when it comes to setting up and rearranging accounts and categories. This allows for some unique ways to use YNAB to fit an individual’s personal finance needs. I’ve gone through the all of the basics of using YNAB in the

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YNAB Tutorial Part 1: Setup

I have another video tutorial for you today. The last one I did was on the basics of Excel. You know by now how much I love Excel. And now, today, I’m introducing you to another great tool, YNAB. (Note: select the settings icon and adjust the

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Not using YNAB because you don't like that it doesn't accomodate budgeting/forecasting income? YNAB is the greatest budgeting software out there-use this income hack!

How I Hack YNAB to Budget My Income

When I returned from our 4-year long business assignment in Asia, I was ready to finally utilize a budgeting software that would help simplify the budgeting process and minimize the time I was spending tracking our expenses. I am a HUGE believer in tracking expenses and had

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