Financial Security

Track your debt payoff progress with these free printable charts!
Creating a Financial Plan

Tracking Your Debt Goals

I’m a visual person.  I love numbers too, but sometimes I just need to be able to see things visually through a graph or chart.  Maybe you’re the same way? Getting out of debt is going to require a lot of motivation and persistence and the more debt

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Learn the basics of why it's important to check your credit reports and scores and the information that it contains.
Debt Management

The Basics of Credit Reports & Scores

A discussion about debt wouldn’t be complete without talking about credit reports and credit scores.  Don’t overlook this important financial planning task.  Even if you don’t think that you will need credit extended to you in the near future, it’s still important to check your credit report

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Build a strong financial foundation for your money through emergency funds, cash reserves and savings.
The Importance of Money

A Stable Financial Foundation

Now that you have a plan to create your emergency fund and cash reserve, let’s look at how this is going to create a stable foundation for your entire financial plan.  The foundation of a house is the load-bearing structure that supports it from underneath.  We’re currently

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Change Your Financial Situation, Change Your Life
Changing Your Money Mindset

Change Your Financial Situation, Change Your Life

Being financially secure is going to change your life.  And no, I’m not just being dramatic here.  It’s not an understatement.  It is literally going to change your life and if you don’t believe it then you aren’t yet realizing how much of your life energy you spend

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