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The absolute FIRST step in getting your finances under control is tracking your expenses. This empowers you to start a spending plan, save 3-6 months in your emergency fund, and automate your savings. This is the catalyst for turning your financial life around!

My #1 Actionable Tip for Improving Your Finances

In honor of both financial literacy month and my first anniversary (today!) of starting this little blog, I want to share my number one tip for improving your personal finances. I’ve compiled an entire series of classes this year on completing your entire financial plan. I’ve covered

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Track your expenses with this free money management course, including spreadsheet!

PF103: Tracking Your Expenses

If you’re just stopping by for the first time, this is the third class in a series of classes over the next few months which will culminate in the development of a complete financial plan.  Stop by the orientation class HERE first for class orientation/overviews and HERE for more

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I’m Kathryn Hanna and I love to budget (really, I do!), build spreadsheets, and spend money on travel, sewing supplies & good chocolate.


12 Month Financial Plan Sidebar


Easy-to-customize spreadsheets to improve your entire financial life from budgeting to tax and retirement planning.