auto ownership

Do you know what it costs to own an auto every year? AAA studies show it's over $9,000 per year on average! Calculate the costs of your own personal auto using this free spreadsheet.
Buying/Leasing a Car

How Much is Owning an Auto Really Costing You?

Despite the fact that my husband is in the automotive industry (the sole reason we live in Michigan), I really am not very fond of cars.  I don’t love to drive them, buy them, or maintain them and my dreams don’t involve fancy cars.  In fact, I

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I’m Kathryn Hanna-wife, mother of 3 and a Certified Public Accountant. I love to budget (really, I do!) , build spreadsheets and spend money on travel, sewing supplies and good chocolate.


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Easy-to-customize spreadsheets to improve your entire financial life from budgeting to tax and retirement planning.