personal finance net worth and budget spreadsheet

Personal Finance Essentials


Build a strong money foundation with this tool to help you get your finances in order.

Everything from cash flow to net worth and financial ratios!


This spreadsheet will change the way you view your finances by going beyond simple budgeting to analyzing your finances in-depth. Use it with your favorite budgeting software program (YNAB, Tiller, Mint, or more!) or even on its own to track your expenses and analyze your progress toward your financial goals. This spreadsheet focuses on:

  • analyzing your cash flow
  • determining your savings rate
  • tracking your current and historical net worth
  • calculating your emergency fund

This workbook is completely and easily able to be customized to your specific situation, including all budget and net worth categories. All formulas, cells, rows, columns, etc. are viewable and editable. New: this is currently only being made available in Google Sheets format.

This is included in the Personal Finance Bundle workbook that links the cash flow analysis in this spreadsheet to help you estimate your Federal & State income taxes, calculate your life insurance and retirement needs and more! Check that bundle out here. 


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