Organization is the Key to Financial Success
Managing Finances as a Family

Organization is the Key to Financial Success

I’ve always loved to organize things. My idea of playing with my kids is sorting their toys into the correct bins, color coding the Legos and setting up new storage systems. I truly believe that there is a correlation between having an organized method of tracking your

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Calculating a few simple key measurements will help you track progress to your financial goals and ensure you're making the most of your money.
Creating a Financial Plan

5 Financial Measurements You Must Know (and how to calculate them)

I’m a big proponent of treating your finances like a business in many ways. To achieve true financial success, it’s essential to be just as diligent and intentional about your spending and saving. Savvy business owners use key metrics that help them ensure that their business is

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LOVE this financial version of couch to 5K. The gist of it: start saving small, cut expenses, make a little more income and put it in a separate savings account. Totally doable!
Saving & Investing

(Coins in the) Couch to $5K

Recently, my sister posted on Facebook about starting a Couch to 5K program. I commented that I had recently been on the opposite 5K to Couch program and had a lot of success with that, but should probably switch back to the Couch to 5K program now. Truly,

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Achieving financial health starts with having the right mindset. We have amazing opportunities in the U.S. to achieve financial health and improve so many areas of our lives.
Adjusting Your View Of Money

What Financial Health Means to Me

The irony wasn’t lost on me. When we moved halfway across the world to begin what was expected to be a 2-year assignment in Shanghai, we received so many perks that we had the potential to save ten times more than we had saved previously. And yet,

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Learn how to manage non-budgeting accounts and calculate your net worth using YNAB. See your entire financial picture at a glance and improve your budget.
Financial Tools & Resources

YNAB Tutorial Part IV: Net Worth & Tracking Accounts

The main core of YNAB is in its budgeting capabilities, but you can definitely set it up to manage your entire financial life as well. YNAB is so customizable that it can track any of your accounts and calculate your net worth. We’ve looked at the budgeting

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YOU have the power to reduce fear and stress by creating a complete plan to cover emergencies and financial crises. This is an AMAZING resource for setting up an emergency fund, reserve, insurance policies and more to truly have you covered financially.

How Money Can Eliminate Fear & Stress In Your Life

Sometimes, I can’t help but think about how much hurt and pain there is in the world. In every country, there are those that are homeless, hungry, abused, neglected and truly unable to change their circumstances. Yet, there are so many, many others that have fear and

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Adjusting Your View Of Money

Choosing Progress Over Perfection

Life is exhausting when you’re a perfectionist. That’s because nothing is ever even close to perfect, certainly not for any amount of time. It’s a never-ending circle of frustration and disappointment. Oh man, did I use to be a perfectionist. There was a time in my life

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I’m Kathryn Hanna-wife, mother of 3 and a Certified Public Accountant. I love to budget (really, I do!) , build spreadsheets and spend money on travel, sewing supplies and good chocolate.


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