Everything You Need to
Create Your Own Financial Plan

The tool you’ve been looking for to streamline your entire financial life from cash flow and taxes to planning for retirement. Now updated for the 2024 year and available for both Excel & Google Sheets!

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what's included

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Determine and set SMART goals that will guide you on your financial path and help you create the life you want.

Cash Flow Tracking

Figure out exactly where your money is going so that you can align your spending and saving with your true values.

Debt Management

Reduce money stress by creating a detailed plan to pay down your debt and feel more in control of your finances.

Income Taxes

Estimate your taxes for the year and implement tax planning strategies to minimize your overall income tax liability. A separate key tax inputs tab means you can update it for multiple years of use (check back each year for free tax updates!).

Insurance Planning

Ensure your assets and future income are protected through an analysis of your current risk management policies.

Saving & Investing

Create your investment policy statement and track your investments, both in total and on a detail level by account.

College Planning

Make a clear plan for funding your dependents' college educations by thinking through likely expected costs, setting a funding goal and tracking college plan investments.

Retirement Planning

Determine your "enough" number in order to maintain your desired standard of living in retirement by analyzing monthly needs, calculating expected Social Security and more!

Estate Planning

Organize your wishes upon your passing with checklists for document completion, beneficiaries and questions to organize everything in one place.

Detailed Instructions

Included with the Bundle are detailed instructions to guide you through each sheet.


Detailed enough to guide personal finance discussions, powerful enough to enable 10,000 foot view decisions. The Personal Finance Bundle Kathryn Hanna has developed will change your financial future.


By far the best financial management tool available. Templates are comprehensive, yet easy to use. Consolidates all aspects of financial planning into one location. Customer support is


This is EXACTLY what I have been searching for since 2013. I have tried countless other programs, apps, software, and I always find something that keeps me from loving it. Usually it's because it does not include everything I want or need in one package. But this is exactly what I wanted.


Prior to buying the Spreadsheet Bundle I was using YNAB for budgeting, but did not have a good overall grasp of my financial life. The bundle has helped me understand all of my finances. I highly recommend the bundle.


frequently asked questions

Spreadsheets are an amazing money management tool! They are easily customizable, save you time, and allow you to run many different scenarios. This gives them a huge advantage over printables or online calculators.

No, not at all! It does include an annual budget, but goes well beyond that. It can be used to track your cash flow, savings rate, net worth, current tax projections, retirement plan, investments and more!

Yes! You are able to see and edit all cells, columns, rows, formulas, etc. in order to customize this workbook to your liking. The individual sheets are protected to help prevent overriding formulas, but they can be unprotected without a password.

Budget and net worth categories are easily customizable and the changes will flow to all applicable sheets. There are specific notes to let you know which can be changed and which flow to specific sheets within the workbook (such as to the tax calculation sheets).

Unfortunately not , as Numbers doesn’t support some of the advanced formulas necessary for this spreadsheet to work. However, the purchase of the bundle includes the Google Sheets version as well, which is fully fuctional.

This workbook is set up so that it can be easily used for multiple years by saving a new copy and clearing out the last year’s data.

Key tax numbers for the year are included in a separate tab so that phaseouts, tax brackets, etc. can all be modified easily. An update to these will be made available each year in the shop (it just requires a simply copy/paste!).

Nope. After purchasing the bundle, you’ll be able to use it for many future years. There are instructions included that explain how to “roll” it over to a new year and update it for current key tax numbers and a few other things. 

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