Organizing Your Finances

If you're a stay-at-home mom deciding whether to go back to work or someone looking to pick up a second job, this is EXACTLY how to calculate the numbers! A lot more will change than you realize, and of course taxes are the biggest!
Managing Finances as a Family

How Much is A 2nd Income Really Going To Bring In?

I left my job as a CPA when my husband received an international business assignment back in 2011. While I’ve kept up on my CPA license, I have yet to go back into the full-time working world. Now that my husband is more established in his career

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YNAB Part II Budgeting Basics | Learn about why YNAB is different from any other budgeting software and how the budgeting functions work in this short tutorial.
Financial Tools & Resources

YNAB Tutorial Part II: Budgeting Basics

It’s been a while since I mentioned how much I love YNAB and presented the introduction tutorial & video to show you just how to set everything up. If you’re new to YNAB, you’ll definitely want to check that out first. The last step you should have

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Teaching kids about money is SO important. This is a great alternative to using a cash allowance system which requires going to the bank often, having exact change, etc. LOVE this.
Managing Finances as a Family

How To Teach Kids to Track Their Income & Expenses

One of my biggest priorities as a parent is to raise money-smart kids. However, sometimes I get caught up in the day-to-day aspects of teaching my three kids such as trying to get them to help around the house, complete their schoolwork and of course disciplining them

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The role of a financial advisor is to give you ADVICE about your personal finances. If you personally ORGANIZE your information and get your finances under control, that knowledge will employer you in your finances and you can simply go to a financial advisor to provide suggestions about key pieces of your plan.
Creating a Financial Plan

Hire a Financial Advisor to Advise You, Not to Organize You

Have you ever wondered whether you should meet with a financial advisor? The more you get your financial life in order, the more you realize how much you don’t know. There are so many unique circumstances that a google search just doesn’t always cut it, especially when

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YNAB Tutorial Part 1: Setup

I have another video tutorial for you today. The last one I did was on the basics of Excel. You know by now how much I love Excel. And now, today, I’m introducing you to another great tool, YNAB. (Note: select the settings icon and adjust the

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Check out this video for some basic excel functions that will help you get started in using excel to create your financial plan!

Beginner Excel Tips for Financial Planning

If you’ve been around here for a while, then you likely know that I LOVE spreadsheets. I took an Excel class as an elective in college (wow-nerd alert!) and it was possibly the single best class I could have taken to really set me apart from my

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Not using YNAB because you don't like that it doesn't accomodate budgeting/forecasting income? YNAB is the greatest budgeting software out there-use this income hack!

How I Hack YNAB to Budget My Income

When I returned from our 4-year long business assignment in Asia, I was ready to finally utilize a budgeting software that would help simplify the budgeting process and minimize the time I was spending tracking our expenses. I am a HUGE believer in tracking expenses and had

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So much stress gone by following a similar plan this year! And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this printable/spreadsheet to track Christmas gifts!

5 Steps to Stress-Free Holiday Gift-Giving (And Printable Spending Plan!)

I absolutely love Christmas time.  The excitement.  The decorations.  The music.  The message. But, oh…the gifts.  I’m terrible at giving thoughtful gifts.  Unfortunately, this has meant that I’ve spent many years scrambling at the last minute to finish my Christmas gift purchases. Having kids compounds this (in

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