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Everyone should have a household inventory. Love this spreadsheet!
Creating a Financial Plan

Complete Guide to Creating a Household Inventory

As part of our international move preparations, we were required to prepare an inventory of all of our household belongings.  I had already filled out mounds of paperwork by this point in time and was not thrilled with the tedious task of going around my house room

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Track your debt payoff progress with these free printable charts!
Creating a Financial Plan

Tracking Your Debt Goals

I’m a visual person.  I love numbers too, but sometimes I just need to be able to see things visually through a graph or chart.  Maybe you’re the same way? Getting out of debt is going to require a lot of motivation and persistence and the more debt

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Awesome recommended budget percentage spreadsheet that goes with the budgeting spreadsheet. This website has a series of free money courses, including budgeting and financial goals.

Should You Follow Recommended Budget Percentages?

As you know by now, I like to have guidelines to look at and compare my own personal finances to others and to recommendations by others.  I also often like to ignore those recommendations and guidelines and do whatever I want.  After all, it’s my money and

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Review of Personal Finance Software: YNAB, Mint, Personal Capital, Mvelopes, Everydollar and Calendar Budget

Which Personal Finance Software Should You Use?

In the class about tracking your expenses, I mentioned that my top choice for the method of tracking expenses is to use a personal finance software program.  And then of course I gave you a spreadsheet that you can use to track your own expenses (because that’s what

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