Creating a Financial Plan

All income is NOT created equal. This is a great summary about how taxes affect how much you really get to keep from your income depending on the income type. Moral of the story: INVEST!
Income Taxes

All Income Is Not Created Equal

One of the most impactful first financial lessons includes the illustration of how compound interest works. Investing your money results in exponential rather than linear growth due to your earnings also earning money. There’s another very important lesson as well, though, that is often overlooked. This lesson

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The absolute best thing about getting my financial life in order is simply having the peace of mind that no matter what hardship came my way, I can financially cover it.
Financial Goals

The Ultimate Guide to Financial Preparedness

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin The absolute best thing about getting my financial life in order is simply having the peace of mind that no matter what hardship came my way, I can financially cover it. And when those things

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Creating a Financial Plan

Are Robo-Advisor Fees Worth The Cost?

Today we have a guest post (the very first here!). Brad Kingsley is a personal finance blogger and certified financial coach. He helps people create a plan for their finances to achieve big goals, like getting out of debt, paying for college and providing for a comfortable retirement.

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Calculating a few simple key measurements will help you track progress to your financial goals and ensure you're making the most of your money.
Creating a Financial Plan

5 Financial Measurements You Must Know (and how to calculate them)

I’m a big proponent of treating your finances like a business in many ways. To achieve true financial success, it’s essential to be just as diligent and intentional about your spending and saving. Savvy business owners use key metrics that help them ensure that their business is

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LOVE this financial version of couch to 5K. The gist of it: start saving small, cut expenses, make a little more income and put it in a separate savings account. Totally doable!
Saving & Investing

(Coins in the) Couch to $5K

Recently, my sister posted on Facebook about starting a Couch to 5K program. I commented that I had recently been on the opposite 5K to Couch program and had a lot of success with that, but should probably switch back to the Couch to 5K program now. Truly,

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YOU have the power to reduce fear and stress by creating a complete plan to cover emergencies and financial crises. This is an AMAZING resource for setting up an emergency fund, reserve, insurance policies and more to truly have you covered financially.

How Money Can Eliminate Fear & Stress In Your Life

Sometimes, I can’t help but think about how much hurt and pain there is in the world. In every country, there are those that are homeless, hungry, abused, neglected and truly unable to change their circumstances. Yet, there are so many, many others that have fear and

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The role of a financial advisor is to give you ADVICE about your personal finances. If you personally ORGANIZE your information and get your finances under control, that knowledge will employer you in your finances and you can simply go to a financial advisor to provide suggestions about key pieces of your plan.
Creating a Financial Plan

Hire a Financial Advisor to Advise You, Not to Organize You

Have you ever wondered whether you should meet with a financial advisor? The more you get your financial life in order, the more you realize how much you don’t know. There are so many unique circumstances that a google search just doesn’t always cut it, especially when

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