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If you don't have separate savings buckets for your goals, you are missing out on some major advantages! Not only do you save more but also can spend more guilt-free. And who doesn't want that?
Setting up Financial Tasks & Systems

The Advantages of Keeping Separate Money “Buckets”

For the past few months, ever since detailing out the organization of my financial accounts, I’ve been considering whether I should simplify and consolidate a little more. The real truth, though, is that I mostly like having numerous accounts for different saving purposes. It takes some extra

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Adjusting Your View Of Money

5 Steps to Treating Your Own Personal Finances Like a Business

As a CPA, I’ve worked with numerous businesses from small to mid-size. While they’ve ranged in annual revenue from a few thousands of dollars to millions, each business knew clearly what they had earned, spent, owned and owed during the year. On the other hand, individuals tend

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Financial Tools & Resources

YNAB Tutorial Part V: Ways I Use YNAB to Organize and Simplify

I absolutely love how customizable YNAB is when it comes to setting up and rearranging accounts and categories. This allows for some unique ways to use YNAB to fit an individual’s personal finance needs. I’ve gone through the all of the basics of using YNAB in the

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