create a financial
life you love.

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Imagine feeling completely and totally confident about your entire financial life. All aspects of your money.

  • Knowing exactly where all of your money goes each month: check.
  • Mitigating your risk from potential liabilities and loss of income: check.
  • Understanding your federal & state income taxes and how to minimize them: check.
  • Tracking your debt with a clear pay-off plan in place: check.
  • Saving enough for future retirement: check.
  • Creating a solid plan for funding your children’s education: check.

Saving “as much as you can” and crossing your fingers that everything will eventually work out isn’t enough. There’s too much at stake to take this kind of approach when it comes to something that has such a direct impact on your present and future life.  Creating a financial life you love starts with a financial plan.



Check out some of my favorite blog posts, books and other resources to gain the knowledge you need to implement your financial plan.


Spreadsheets are the BEST way to handle your money. Why? They're totally customizable, easy to change and continually update automatically. Makes it so easy!
Why Spreadsheets Are The BEST Way to Handle Your Personal Finances (A Peek at Mine!)
5 Steps to Creating Your DIY Financial Plan
Investing seems so incredibly complicated, but it doesn't have to be. These basic truths make it so much simpler AND there are investing options that make it nearly as easy as opening a bank account.
5 Simple Truths To Help You Get Started Investing in the Stock Market

organizing your finances

Looking to organize your finances in 2019? Check out the ways I organize my cash flow as a CPA and personal finance expert (including businesses and rentals!).
Part I: How I'm Organizing My Finances for 2019 (Setting up a Cash Flow System)
EXACTLY how I set up my financial accounts from my checking, saving and credit card accounts to my retirement accounts. Knowing your own financial map is invaluable!
My Exact Financial Account Setup: From Checking to Retirement Accounts
YNAB Tutorial Part I: Setup (+Video)


LOVE these lessons learned about how being wealthy doesn't make you happier or solve all your problems. This is an amazing perspective!
What Having It All Taught Me About Money (From Growing up Poor to Living it Up!)
How knowing your "enough" number is essential to financial freedom.
Why Knowing Your "Enough" Number Is Essential To Financial Freedom
I may not be an actual part of the FIRE movement, but it still changed my life. Even if you don't plan to save $1M and retire in your 30's or 40's, there's still a lot to take away from this movement!
5 Money Mindset Shifts I've Made Since Discovering the FIRE Movement



It’s not enough to just gain knowledge if you don’t actually apply what you’ve learned. Use these actionable tools to help you step-by-step in the creation of your financial plan.



Insurance Planning

Cash Flow

Saving & Investing

Managing Debt

Retirement & College

Income Taxes

Estate Planning


Financial Goals Tracker Workbook

12-Month Financial Plan by Month

Budget Categories List



Need an extra look or simply want to expedite the process and increase your confidence in your plan? My coaching program is efficiently laid out in a course + added one-on-one accountability style to help you get the most out of creating your financial plan.


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Simplifying your finances is the first step to getting your finances under control. Conquering the chaos starts with creating a system for your financial accounts, documents and processes.



We all have specific money mindsets that may be holding us back from reaching our full potential. Unfortunately, it can be difficult (if not impossible) to figure this out on your own.



There’s a lot to learn when it comes to various aspects of taxes and personal finance. Education is a central focus in my client meetings to empower you to be able to maintain your financial plan going forward.



Regular meetings ensure your financial goals are consistently prioritized and make sure that you have access to the resources and information you need (not to mention getting rid of those excuses!).

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I’m a financial planner with a passion for teaching people how to create their own financial plans (because who knows more about your life than you?!). Inspired by my own journey from financial stress to success, I started Making Your Money Matter to share my knowledge and help individuals like you take control of their financial futures. This is a judgment-free zone where everyone starts exactly where they’re at right now.